Lightweight Concrete

Lightweight Concrete

Lightweight concrete by CEMEX incorporates advanced admixture technology with a special aggregates to produce mixes with much lower densities than normal concrete. Structural concretes of up to 50N/mm2 compressive strength can be produced with a dry density of 1900kg/m3 and non structural mixes can be produced with densities as low as 1000kg/m3

Reduction of weight

✓ Up to 60% lighter (Non structural)
✓ Up to 25% lighter (Structural)

Superior fresh properties

✓ It can be pumped
✓ It can be placed finished an compacted like normal concrete

Improved fire resistance (Structural)

✓ Aggregate stable at high temperatures

Environmental friendly

✓ Recycled materials
✓ Can help to reduce steel and foundation size in structure

Project Spotlight

Dubai International Airport - Dubai

CEMEX supplied over 10,000m3 of LIghweight Structural concrete for the mezzanine levels of this prestigious construction project, allowing for greater spans between columns, maximizing space within the structure without sacrificing structural performance.

Technical Data

Concrete Grade (N/mn2)
5 to 45
Durability (RCP, WP, WA)
Not required
Workability Slump (mm)
150 to 200
Workability Retention (Hours)
1 to 3
Maximum Aggregate Size (mm)
5, 8 and 14
Typical Hardened Density (Kg/m3)
1000 to 2000
Cement Types2
Supplementary Cementitious Materials3
DURACEM® / Microsilica

CEMEX will provide you access to our highly experienced technical team who will be able to create bespoke mixes for all your readymix concrete needs. Our technical team has a vast experience of producing unique mixes for individual jobs, and can facilitate issues such as corrosive ground conditions, extreme weather conditions and high strength requirements. CEMEX will work to your specification, or if requested provide suggestions to ensure that we meet the specific needs of your project.

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