Hidratium - Self Curing Concrete

Hidratium, a high performance concrete with an added benefit to the environment.  View

Promptis - Rapid Hardening Concrete

Promptis® is CEMEX's cutting-edge fast formwork removal concrete that in four hours reaches a level of compressive strength equivelant to normal concrete only after 18 hours.  View

Products & Services
Products and Services

Our Service Promise

Our aim is to help our customers solve their building challenges and to achieve this we tailor our products and services to suit our customers’ specific needs.

Readymix Concrete

Concrete is the second most consumed product in the world after water!  As market leaders in concrete production, CEMEX offer a wide range of products and solutions.

Building Solutions

CEMEX sponsored Wall Systems is focused on bringing an easier, cheaper and more sustainable building solution to our customers than traditional construction methods.


Paving Solutions

RCC is a new solution that combines the durability and strength of concrete with the ease of asphalt paving.



Cement is the main basic ingredient of ready-mix concrete. Whether in bags or in bulk, CEMEX provides its customers with high-quality branded cement products for their construction needs.


CEMEX GGBFS is a great alternative to replace cement content in concrete. With similar properties than cement, but being a by product of the steel industry, it is perfect for sustainable or green construction, adding points to LEED and pearls to ESTIDAMA standards for sustainable buildings.


Integrated Report

Annual Report

Learn about our business performance and sustainability achievements during 2016 with our new Integrated report. More

Sustainability Reports

Sustainable Development Report

View our Global summary report of our progress and developments on sustainability projects. More

Press Releases

Press Releases

Browse through our press release collection and locate the background information you need. » More

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