RCC trial for Ministry of infrastructure & Global Infrastructure Congress

The Ministry of Infrastructure Development in the UAE has tested RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete) as an innovative solution on their road network.

 This test section (Siji Junction – E88 road in Al Dhaid) has been performing under traffic for the last few months, showing a perfect condition. CEMEX UAE has collaborated and supported on the development of this specific solution, tailored to the needs for a quick rehabilitation of the structure of the pavement, with minor disruption to traffic.

 Thanks to this, the MoID and the UAE will enjoy a broader range of options to choose from, so as to save money on their road network maintenance, especially on those spots undergoing heavy traffic, and likewise, significantly improving their scoring on sustainable parameters related, such as CO2 footprint, abatement of Heat-Island effect or support to local industry.

 Following the invitation of the Road Department, CEMEX UAE presented a video on their Global Infrastructure Event 2018 (Dubai), depicting the process of execution of this technique, and its benefits.


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