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The vast majority of incidents at work are caused by unsafe behaviour. One of CEMEX’s biggest challenges, is therefore to change habits and encourage people to ‘stop and think’ before carrying out a task.

Work-related incidents are preventable and it is the right of every employee to go home well and free from injury at the end of each working day. CEMEX aims to achieve zero lost time incidents and, although, this is an ambitious target, CEMEX is confident this can and will be achieved.

CEMEX's studies estimate that up to 90% of workplace injuries are caused by unsafe behaviour. To bring this figure down, CEMEX has created the following 12 fundamental Safety rules that all employees are expected to commit to, in the interest of themselves and their colleagues:

1. Look After  Yourself, Look After Each Other - Don't let anyone act unsafely, always stop unsafe practices.

2. Housekeeping - Keep designated access routes and work areas tidy and free from trip/slip hazards.

3. Get a grip - Hold handrails on stairways and use three points of contact getting into/out of vehicles.

4. Personal protective equipment - Always wear the correct PPE.

5. Manual handling - Use mechanical aids or ask for help to reduce the risks.

6. Tools / equipment - Use the right, well maintained tools/equipment for the job. Never make do.

7. Driving - Drive safely, ensure you are authorised and that vehicles/mobile plant are well maintained.

8. Safe systems - Follow safe systems of work, site rules, signage and traffic signals.

9. Isolation procedures - Never work on live or moving machinery – always ‘lock out’.

10. Working at height - Use appropriate access equipment and fall protection.

11. Confined spaces - Obtain a permit to work and always follow the safety requirements.

12. Incident/hazard alert cards - Report all incidents/hazards immediately.

Since 2005, CEMEX have been on a journey to reduce accidents and have achieved a staggering 95% reduction in the number of reported employee lost time injuries - as we strive towards achieving our goal of zero injuries for life.




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