Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Construction

While the concept of “sustainable construction” is relatively new to the building industry, CEMEX is aggressively pursuing a leadership role in the development of products and building solutions that reduce the environmental impacts of construction projects while fostering social and economic growth.

We work towards this goal by addressing the sustainability of our products from a life-cycle perspective. Our efforts fall into three main categories:

1.Responsible manufacturing practices that reduce our environmental impacts and waste generation during the building materials production process.
2.Developing high-performance products and technologies that address key construction challenges for buildings, and infrastructure projects, such as GHG emissions, energy consumption and water use.
3.Early and ongoing collaboration with customers and urban planners to help them better manage the life-cycle impacts of construction projects.



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CEMEX - Building a sustainable future

At CEMEX we have developed a sustainability model that is embedded in our business strategy and day-to-day operations. Learn more about the model and see examples that illustrate our level of effort and investment in leading our industry by building a sustainable future, today.  View

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